Take It Personally assembled these useful links as a resource for you. 

The National Needle Arts Association
We are a proud member of this wonderful organization for those who are interested in needle arts - knitting, crochet and needle work.  Check it out!
One Pixel at a Time

We urge you to visit this FANTASTIC site!  Fighting breast cancer is one of our top concerns.  Please visit and help build the stamps that will donate to the fight against this disease that must come to an END!  Take It Personally is one of the proud sponsors in the fight against breast cancer!

The Knitting Guild Association
Another great site for the needle arts!  We are also a member of this association.  Useful site links and plenty of great infomation! 
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Our knit and lace kit can be found at Target's on-line store


Visit this site to see our knit and lace blocking kit along with many great products!

Notions Marketing

If you are interested in wholesale products for your shop, visit Notions Marketing Corporation and a representitive will contact you.  Great products, great company!

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store

JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store is a great resource for all crafting projects. 

Home Shopping Network

Great products!