Do you sell blocking kits (or other items) to individuals outside the United States?

Unfortunately, no.  We have found that shipping just one kit is too expensive and the kit rarely arrives in usable condition.  We are, however are working hard to stock our products in shops around the globe.  Currently you can purchase our kits in Australia, The Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Canada and UK (London).  Check out our International Shop List for your neck of the woods.  If you do not see a shop in your area, give our information to your LYS and they can contact us to get our products in their shop!

Where can I get extra wires?

We are planning a build a kit option soon so you can design what you need.  Until then if you need anything extra, just email us through the "contact us" page and describe what you want and we'll get back to you with a price.  Some custom kits may require a shipping charge.

Where can I get another instruction sheet for the blocking wire kits?

  Blocking Instructions

The first step is to soak your garment in cool water to wet it thoroughly. This typically takes at least 30 minutes. If you choose to wash your piece, use a mild detergent in a washtub. Make sure the garment is thoroughly rinsed after washed. Still, it is important either way to make sure your garment is completely saturated with water.  (note: if your prefer to use steam, our wires will still work beautifully)

Once your garment is wet you need to press out the majority of water. The best way is to gently press the water out between 2 thirsty bath towels.    You want to make sure the piece is very wet but not dripping. DO NOT TWIST OR RING THE GARMENT!!!!! You have worked too hard up to this point to stretch it out and ruin your work.


The third step is to lay the piece on a blocking board or a thick towel. Make sure the board is compatible to the size of your garment. Weave the rigid wires through the very edge stitches. Using the yardstick included in the kit, gently shape the garment to the dimensions of your pattern. The pins will hold the wires in place once you have properly achieved the correct dimensions. Use the rigid wires for the sides and the flex wires for the curves (as in the neck…). You need very few pins in this method!! 


Once you have blocked the garment, let it dry completely - 24 hours is usually sufficient. It is important to air dry the garment out of direct heat and sunlight!! After the 24 hours (or however long it takes to dry COMPLETELY), carefully remove the pins and wires. You will be pleased to find the edges of your piece straight, formed and uncurled (unlike the scalloped edge you get from using pins alone). This will make the assembly step very easy - an actual pleasure! Your finished piece will be a work of art - LITERALLY!!!!


Happy Blocking!!!!!






Do you design invitations for special occasions?

Yes!  Just use the "contact us" page to let us know what you need and we'll contact you to discuss.